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Springer Drum to Disc Brake Conversion
Cannonball SpringBrake Kits for Classic Springer Forks

Cannonball SpringBrake Kits for Classic Springer Forks

Damn! Rolled past the bar again!

If you are looking for significantly more stopping power, you should consider replacing your classic drum brake system with a disc brake.

After extensive 3D simulations on the computer and countless test kilometers on any terrain, we can now rightly claim that this brake meets our high requirements.

This kit by Cannonball converts Big Twin, Servi-car, WLC or I-Beam Springer forks from drum brake to disc brake. Each kit includes a dual piston caliper with pads, caliper bracket, 10” disc rotor, brake anchor, wheel hub adapter, and all small parts necessary for final assembly. Brake lines and handlebar master cylinder are not included and must be ordered separately.

For WW 01-891, the star hub axle can be reused. For WW 01-890, a suitable axle is part of delivery.

Use with Ø12 mm master cylinders! Brake lines attach with 3/8” mm banjos.

If brake pads need to be replaced, it is mandatory to use WW 27-659 due to special dimensions.

These articles can be used with either DOT4 or DOT5 brake fluid. However, DOT4 and DOT5 must not mixed, due to being chemically not compatible. One should always stay with the same brake fluid type.

  • for I-Beam and Classic Springer forks
  • fits Big Twin 1930-1949, WLC, Servi-Car 1941-1958
  • steel / aluminum, parkerized, brake rotor Ø: 10”, for 17.5mm axle diameter
  • required brake fluid: DOT 4 or 5
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Cannonball SpringBrake Kits for Classic Springer Forks
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Cannonball SpringBrake Kits for Classic Springer Forks
Narrow Dual Flange Front Hub 1978-1999; with wheel axle
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Cannonball I-Beam Springer Forks

Cannonball I-Beam Springer Forks

Once upon a time when there weren’t any custom parts you could buy from your local shop, the VL fork was a very popular item because it made your Knuckle or Panhead bobber different from the next guy’s scooter. Besides you gained half an inch of length compared to 1936-up Springer forks for improved ground clearance and a more stretched look. Now it’s time to revive those days of the golden 40’s and 50’s with the Cannonball version of H-D’s VL type fork.
Manufactured just like the original, which means I-beams and connecting braces are drop forged on a huge 10 meter forge hammer. This is the only procedure that guarantees these components stand up to the job.
The problems with installing the OEM fork were the large fork stem and the handlebar mounting so the Cannonball fork is modified here. It features a Ø1” fork stem that works with the included centering collar for 1936-up ball bearings. Moreover the stem also features two Ø1” bearing seats for the use of Big Twin tapered roller bearings without any modifications. The leg tops accept the 36-up Springer inline handlebars. This makes installation a snap compared to the original counterpart.
Certificate of stability for 4-speed Big Twins thru 1986. Length is measured from axle center line to seat of lower steering head bearing.
Although these Custom forks are intended for 1936-1957 rigid frame Big Twins they can be mounted with later frames, too, provided you have/install matching frame head beariings. The builder has to consider rake, trail, overall chassis geometry, brake function, etc.
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