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BAKER Drivetrain

BAKER Drivetrain

The American company BAKER Drivetrain, founded by engineers Lisa & Bert Baker, achieved in just few years to develop absolute high-end products in their segment for H-D motorcycles. Quality and craftsmanship of Baker drivetrains and transmissions is so outstanding that top-notch customizers and racers around the world more and more often rely on them. Baker ground gears are finished with diamond coated tooling after heat treat so the gear flanks are flawless. This achieves reductions in gear noise and friction losses unknown to this day. Once you experienced the smooth shifting and quiet operation of a Baker transmission you will know that a perfectly functioning gear box for Harleys DOES exist. Buyer beware! Far East copies that arrived on the market lately use inferior gears and shafts made from steel alloys that would be more appropriate for the manufacture of soup cans.

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