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PanAm Oil SAE 60

Seems it never rains in Mexico … PanAm60 - the official oil of the El Diablo Run on Baja California, where temperatures above 30 degrees are standard and requirements for the engine lubricants are demanding. But thanks to global warming in Europe, too, the thermometers literally point far north in summer. For our old air-cooled machines this spells significantly more strain, which has to be considered when selecting your engine oil. PanAm60, developed by PanAm Oils in Ohio/USA, meets the increasing demands of vintage and classic bikes, today and in the future.

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Oil by PanAm; SAE 60W; usage: engine / transmission; regular; Specifications: API CF/ SG / ACEA E2-04; USA
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87-098 PanAm Oil SAE 60
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