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Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate ...

No motorcycle runs without oil - until now, that is. To be more precise, the central units of our Harley-Davidson motorcycles require oils of various kinds to ensure that they function permanently and reliably: Engine oil, transmission oil, oil for the primary drive, fork oil for the hydraulic telescopic fork. Whether Sportster 883, Softail or Dyna, Touring model, V-Rod or electric motorcycle: excellent oil quality is a must.

The development engineers in the petrochemical industry are constantly refining the oil specifications further, oils are wear-and-shear-optimized and tailored to specific applications. Harley riders can also benefit from this by not just pouring "anything" into their favorite motorcycle, but by using high-quality oils.

Which oil should you put in your Harley? And how much of it?

These and other questions are answered by your Harley’s workshop manuals and, if you don't have one, by our Tech Tips. Over the decades, Harley-Davidson has used a wide variety of oil specifications in very different quantities in the individual engine cases and gear boxes. And who of us might have all that in mind? But no matter how many liters or milliliters of which type in which oil tank or housing, with PanAm oils in the oil tank, transmission and primary you ride well and safely. They are mixed according to our specifications in a large oil plant near us, where the guys know their trade and implement our wishes precisely. PanAm fits Harleys.

Have any questions?

Our service team will be glad to help out: Mondays - Thursdays 08:00-17:00 CET, Fridays 08:00-16:00 CET, Phone: +49 / 931 250 61 16, eMail: service@wwag.com