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PanAm Oil SAE 20W-50

Our traditional multigrade engine lubricant for all year round usage, suitable for heavy loads. This high performance lubricant complies with API SL.

  • SAE 20W-50
  • usage: engine
  • regular
  • Specifications: ACEA A3/B4-04 / E2-96#5 / API SL/ CG-4 / Allison C4 / Caterpillar TO-2 / MIL-L-2104 E / MAN 271 / MB-approval 228.3
  • Germany

PanAm Oils

Motorcycle oils require high standards, and particularly the air-cooled engines of our preferred brand put higher strain on the motor and transmission oils than the water-cooled automotive counterparts. PanAm oils are produced and bottled in Germany. They are based on the best crude classes available which are refined to high quality mineral oils. Specific additives, partially synthetic, ensure that each oil is optimized for its requirements.

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