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Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Harnesses

Ready-to-install wiring harnesses

Vehicle electrics back in the days were minimal, but even in the infancy of two wheeled transportation, several individual wires were combined into harnesses. Such harnesses were less likely to break, and that was important given the wire quality of the time. The insulation was made of cotton and tar, and the individual strands were rather stiff and inflexible. If the mechanic then had to search for a long time, the customer quickly became disgruntled, especially since the working time nibbled away at his wallet. So: Tidy up the wires!

Why buy a whole wiring harness?

Without question, you can buy all the wires individually and put together your own harness. If one builds up his personal Custombike, this is very likely the best solution anyway. If you're tinkering with a mainly original Harley and find that the wires are decrepit, the conduits are hardened and the connectors are corroded, a complete wiring harness is the better solution. It saves time and hassle and is also faster installed on the motorcycle.

For the restoration of a vintage or classic bike, the complete wiring harness offers the period-correct wires with the correct wire color and crimped or soldered-on ring connections.

What kind of wiring harnesses are available?

Here we keep it with Harley-Davidson: Main harnesses for the frame backbone and handlebar wires or the small harnesses to the fender lights as extras. You just buy what you need, and not a meter of wire more.

Main wiring harnesses we have for most air-cooled Harley-Davidson models starting with the first two-cylinders with generators, which are the 1915 J models. From 2000 onwards, when Harley-Davidson introduced communication bus lines, we unfortunately can't offer them at the moment.

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