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Top End

Top End

Top end: From the cylinder base to the rocker arm housing

In the Harley-Davidson engine, the term top end covers the cylinders and cylinder heads, i.e. everything that rises above the crankcases: in addition to cylinders and cylinder heads, all the internals such as pistons and piston rings, cylinder liners, valves, valve guides, valve springs, rocker arms and, of course, the appropriate gaskets. Various stud bolts are also included.

The cylinders and cylinder heads

for vintage motorcycles come from The Cyclery, small parts from Competition Distributing, for the newer ones from Cannonball or S&S. Pistons from S&S and Keith Black are part of the standard range, as are piston rings from Hastings. The name Manley is well known to racers for valves and springs. We have valve springs for the WR models wound by Eibach. The name Kibblewhite is synonymous with valve guides.

What goes with what? Which parts can be combined?

Which pistons fit which S&S cylinders?

And how much end play do the compression rings require in Evo engines? Don´t worry, there is help - the competent W&W crew is available on the phone or can be reached by e-mail.

Have any questions?

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