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Motor Mounts

Motor Mounts

Engine mounts

The crankcases of Harley-Davidson's V-Twin engines have been firmly bolted to the frame since the beginning. The cylinders, and later cylinder heads, were attached to the top tube of the frame via clamps and brackets. In this way, the crankshaft's momentum is tamed and directed and the hot cylinders can still expand and "work" without overstressing the frame. Because of the thermal expansion of the cylinders, there are slotted holes on all upper engine mounts.

To prevent the good vibrations

from shaking the frame apart, good balancing of the crankshaft is required. The more meticulously it is balanced, the less problems there are with the suspension of the entire engine.

The second task of an engine mount

is to ensure the correct alignment of the drive train. Chains and belts react with increased wear if the sprockets and pulleys are not properly aligned. Regular checks of the motor mounts should therefore also be a good habit, at least for motors without balancer shafts.

Competition Distributing is our preferred manufacturer for the engine and cylinder mounts of the F and J models. Just like the small parts from Colony and the brackets from The Gasbox or Strange Bird, these parts are characterized by clean workmanship, dimensional accuracy and a beautiful finish. Whether restoration of the original condition or custom, projects simply win with these quality parts.

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