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Chain Care

Keeping the rear wheel chain in good shape

The drive chain to the rear wheel is extremely exposed to the weather and dirt, whether on the Baja California, on the Côte d'Azur, on the Col du Galibier or in the Black Forest. And it has a damn tough job: heat, cold, humidity, particle bombardment from the track ... That's why it needs care and regular attention in the form of chain spray (grease or wax), which also acts as corrosion protection. And to prevent the greasy sludge from clinging to the chain in too big and heavy clumps, you use chain cleaner. Too much grease would only cause dust and stones to accumulate. And if dust and stones stick to the chain, this is almost as harmful to it as if it runs without lubrication.

How often does the rear wheel chain need to be lubricated?

In any case, at the latest when it is visibly dry - and preferably after a long, long ride at the end of the day. Then the lubricant is distributed much better and more evenly on the chain while the latter is still warm. The solvents, which no chain spray can do without, then have enough time to evaporate and you can set off again the next day with an optimally lubricated chain. The less time the chain spray has to evaporate, regardless of whether it is chain grease or chain wax, the sooner it will be thrown off again.

How do you apply chain lubricant?

For a chain without sealing rings, the spray jet should be directed at the rollers and between the inner and outer plates. With permanently sealed O-ring or X-ring chains, it is sufficient to lubricate the rollers between the inner plates. The joints themselves of this type of chain are sealed. A tip: if you notice — while lubricating the chain — that one of the rubber rings is protruding or even damaged, you should replace the chain in the near future and halve the lubrication intervals until the chain is replaced. The affected joint is no longer sealed and will then show increased wear.

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