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Intake manifolds for carburetor

On all Harley-Davidson V-engines with carburetors up to 2006, the carburetor is originally centered between the two cylinders. (The only exception to this principle: the XR models at the end of the 1970s.) This was by no means unusual until the 1940s, as this design offers advantages in terms of space requirements and saves synchronizing the carburettors, which is technically all the more complex the further apart the two carburettors are on the V2 engine. On all Harley-Davidson models apart from the XR and all those with the word Revolution in the engine designation, the intake ports of the cylinder heads are therefore connected to a T- or Y-shaped intake manifold onto which the carburetor mounts. By the way, at some point die-hard Harley fans called the intake pipe manifold, a name which actually derives from V8 fan manifolds. The factory itself usually sticks with Intake Pipe in the manuals.

The connection to the cylinders

... or cylinder heads, were rigid for a long time, with brass sealing rings and union nuts, known both disrespectfully and affectionately as plumber's fittings (plumber style). In the 1960s, the Big Twins were fitted with steel bands and O-rings, which had already been used for 10 years with the cast cylinder heads on the Sportster Twins. However, due to the different thermal expansion of the aluminum cylinder heads of the 1200s, there were (and still are) always problems at this point. It then took more than 20 years before the system with conical rubber gasket and two-hole flange was introduced for all Evolution engines at the end of the 1980s, which, together with a solid support for the carburetor, ensured tightness and still does today, including Twin Cams and Milwaukee 8.

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