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Accessories and Mounting Parts

Setting accents

As an official document, the license plate itself offers few possibilities for customizing. Nevertheless, the mechanic can also set accents and make a creative contribution: License plate screws from Mooneyes, small red glowing Star Caps or various reflectors from Red Fox.

It is difficult to give a guideline for this. Just make sure that you do not impair the official character of the license plate or make it illegible. Otherwise there will be trouble for sure.

Reflector? Do I need such a thing?

Yes, you must have them. The absence of one or two reflectors is considered a "serious defect" and the vehicle may have to be presented a second time for technical inspection. Of course with the defect repaired ;-) Also at the Sunday afternoon checks along the popular routes, they like to pay attention to this and fine if necessary. To cut a long story short: put one of these on your bike, with an ECE mark. Because the time you spend arguing with ranks is better spent on the most beautiful thing in the world: driving!

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