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Biltwell Renegade Grip Sets

Renegade grips are comparably soft, very comfortable and thus eat those nasty vibrations. Adding a ring of safety wire on each end is a standard moto practice and the Renegade grips have grooves to accommodate this.

Do not fit stock throttle tubes and must use Whiskey throttle tubes.

Internal Ø is 22.8 mm and 24.5 mm (left/right side). Use WD-40 to install.

  • fits handlebar controls 1974→
  • TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate)
  • inner-Ø left: 1 ”
  • inner-Ø right: 1-1/8 ”

TPV Grips

Thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) are a group of simultaneously thermoplastic and elastic plastics: Elastomer molecules are embedded in a matrix of thermoplastic.

Handlebar grips made of TPV sit very tightly on the handlebar or throttle sleeve. A trick from Good Old America makes installation much easier.

Before mounting, spray the inside of the "rubbers" with WD-40. Some of you might object that WD-40 is a lubricant. Well, this is true and yet not true. WD-40 is first and foremost a cleaning agent that displaces water. As the volatile components evaporate, however, a slightly greasy residue remains. But: for our TPV "rubbers", WD-40 is just right the right thing. As long as WD-40 is moist, you can easily push on even the super tightest TPV grips on the handlebars. In the process, WD-40 dissolves the "rubbers" on the inside a little bit and ensures that they virtually stick to the handlebars. After 24 hours drying time, the "rubbers" then sit bombproof on handlebar and throttle sleeve.

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Biltwell Renegade Grip Sets
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Biltwell Renegade Grip Sets
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