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Cannonball Parts - New Horizons for Big Flatties, Knuckles and Pans

If you’re one of them lucky fellers to own and ride a big Flathead, Knuckle or Panhead you probably know that fear of being on your own if something goes wrong inside your half-century old mill. Where do you get essential parts without breaking the bank? Do an online search and wait till three in the morning to be outbid by some avid collector? Good luck with that. Try the swapmeet? If you got all the time in the world, why not? Use NOS from a reliable source? Not bad, IF the NOS part that made it unused across half a century onto your bench is still servicable.

Here’s the good news: To make the good old Big Twins purr again, parts and components by Cannonball are now available for Flatheads, Knuckleheads and Panheads.


Our business at Cannonball is making authentic reproductions of parts such as engine cases, cylinder heads, cylinders, oil pumps, lifter blocks, camshafts and gear sets.

Everything is specced as closely as possible to the stock part it replaces. The parts are painstakingly crafted in Germany using the latest technology to exacting tolerances. And we’re using raw materials that the Milwaukee Gentlemen could only dream of when they were making the Flatties, Knuckles and Pans of yesteryear.


An engine all on its own may make noise, but won’t go anywhere. That’s why there’s more from Cannonball for a Big Twin straight out of the time machine: We’ve got leaf sprung forks, I-beam springer forks, handlebars, WR-style tanks, mag wheels, brakes and fenders, with more products in the pipeline.


The Cannonball brand is a homage to record setting Erwin George ’Cannonball’ Baker, who in 1914 crossed the continental USA from coast to coast in then unheard of eleven days on his motorcycle. He would surely agree, that words alone get you nowhere.

That’s why we take all our parts, test them, install them, optimize them, put them in a chassis and let them take all the punishment we can find on thousands of road miles. Hundreds of hours and many meltdowns later, when everything is flying like a cannonball, they’re ready for all those Flatheads, Knuckles and Panhead Big Twins out there.