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S&S Cams for Twin Cam with Gear Drive

Timing chain or gears? That is here the question. In High Performance engines S&S Cycle prefers gears so their camshaft design for the Twin Cam models features new gears which replace the stock chain drive, sprocket and tensioner system for the cams. While being only slightly noisier than a chain gears incorporate some very important advantages:

  • increased timing accuracy by eliminating chain lash
  • almost zero wear compared to a chain
  • no wear particles in engine oil from tensioner & guides
  • absolutely safe operation, gears cannot fail and tear

The latter is a very important factor with the installation of high lift cams and strong valve springs.

S&S Gear Drive camshafts are sold by W&W as complete kits which consist of two camshafts with pressed-on inner drive gears, two outer cam gears, cam bearing plate, four bearings, small parts and gasket.

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On some gear case covers the inside has to be milled or ground.

Spare parts: