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Belt Drive Kits
Cannonball 8 mm Belt Drive Kits for 45" (750cc) Flatheads

Cannonball 8 mm Belt Drive Kits for 45" (750cc) Flatheads

For a conventional 750cc side-valve, the original primary drive or something of equal value is usually sufficient.

However, anyone who breathes more life into their 45" Flathead, to make it a bit sportier or possibly even to move it on the race track, will quickly push their 3-disc clutch to its limits — and beyond.

In any case, this Cannonball primary drive offers traction to the very end of a 750cc Flatty's tuneability. CNC-machined steel and aluminium components, 5 friction discs and a strong aluminium pressure plate with spring-loaded balls, which ensure perfect and smooth frictional connection, prove that the focus during production was on function, durability and quality. Clean disengagement and engagement, as well as adjustment, are a nice side effect of this.

Anyone who rides it knows what we are talking about. But surely people will also have fun with this drive if they don't have a start number instead of a light on the springer fork.

By the way, this primary drive is perfectly suited for hand clutch conversion, as the spring forces are comparatibly low. The result is a smooth, easy and precise clutch operation at the hand lever.

Due to various circumstances (improper selection, installation and maintenance) and applications under which belt drives are used, W&W Cycles is not liable for damaged belts.

  • fits 45" / 750cc 1941→
  • steel / aluminum / polyurethane / carbon fiber
  • width: 30 mm
  • kickstart only
  • sprocket shaft type: tapered
  • pitch: 8 mm
  • number of teeth: 34 x 62
  • with Locking tool
  • Germany
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Cannonball 8 mm Belt Drive Kits for 45
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4-speed Transmission 45”/750cc

4-speed Transmission 45”/750cc

Fully assembled, ready-to-install, 4-speed (!) transmissions for 1941-up 45 cui./750 cc Sidevalve Harleys.
It is a fact that while the engines seem to last forever, those worn, clunky transmissions can be a continuous source for trouble. Full restorations - and that’s exactly what is often required - are expensive and tasks for the real experienced only, so it is definitely worthwhile to consider a complete replacement. Especially when this replacement is not just a well functioning duplicate of the same old thing but a large improvement, too.
A real drawback with original 3-speed transmissions is the large gear ratio difference between 1st and 2nd, i.e. from 2.47 to 1.57:1 with a consequent big rpm drop. If you ever rode 2-up in the mountains you will know how annoying this can be. The 4-speed version with its extra gear is a vast improvement here because it allows you to stay in the power band much better for an overall riding performance unknown before. Additionally, all gears are machined from modern materials for higher strength and feature an updated tooth-design for smoother and quieter running. Solo machines, sidecar rigs and Servi-Cars - all likewise benfit from these features.
The 4-speed transmission comes completely assembled with all gears, shafts and covers installed for a quick, straightforward installation. It accepts your original primary drive with clutch and the chain sprocket with cover. It looks exactly the same as its 3-speed counterpart so nobody can tell the difference from its outer appearance. The only extra part required is a 4-speed shifter gate.
Stock 3-speed gear ratios:
1st - 2.47:1
2nd - 1.57:1
3rd- 1:1
4-speed gear ratios:
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2nd - 2.03:1
3rd - 1.42:1
4th - 1:1
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