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Graf Stroker Pistons 45”/750cc Flathead

Graf Stroker Pistons 45”/750cc Flathead

Admittedly the investment for a set of stroker flywheels is pretty hefty and you wouldn´t crown this wonderful device with a set of inferior pistons, would you? The Wrecking Crew, for one, didn´t want to gamble and had these special pistons made by the renowend German manufacturer Graf. Those guys supply the vintage and classic racing scene since decades and you can simply trust their material. And yes, they are more expensive than your average 45 piston but a seized or broken piston at full throttle is by far more costly, guaranteed.

These special Graf pistons are made for small twin Flatheads with 4.5” stroker flywheels. They are shorter than stock pistons so the engine case baffle plates do not need to be removed. Complete with piston rings, pins and locks.

The manufacturer recommends 0.10 mm piston clearance in cylinder for street use (break in required) and at least 0.15 mm for racing purposes.

  • for stroker flywheels
  • fits 750cc/45cui Flatheads
  • cast aluminum
  • stroke: 4-1/2 ”
  • nominal bore: 2-3/4 ”
  • with rings, wrist-pin and clips
  • Germany

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