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Transmission 45cui/750cc

Transmission 45cui/750cc

Gearbox for the small twins (750cc)

With three gears, like the gearboxes of the IOE and V models, but with two major differences: the gearwheels of the individual gears are in constant mesh and the clutch is located on the gearwheel of 3rd gear instead on the main shaft. To ensure that the gear pairs can run in constant mesh, all gears are mounted on the main shaft with bronze bushes. A combination gear ("cluster gear") is located on the counter shaft, which combines all gears in one component.

There are two shifter clutches on the main shaft for changing gears, one for 2nd/3rd gear and one for 1st gear. The main shaft is supported on the left in the gearwheel for 3rd gear and on the right in the gearbox housing. For 1st and 2nd gear, the force from the clutch is transmitted to the auxiliary shaft via the gearwheel pair of 3rd gear and back to the main shaft depending on the position of the two shift claws. The sprocket for the rear wheel chain is located to the right of the gearbox housing on the main shaft. The 3rd gear is then a direct gear, the clutch connects the main shaft directly to the gearwheel for 3rd gear.

What is the advantage of this gearbox over the older design?

The shifting of clutches instead of entire gear groups enables smoother gear changes, the shifted masses are much smaller. Wear is limited to the shifting claws and the bearing bushes of the gears. Both are cheaper to replace. Oil change intervals are longer due to less mechanical wear.

Are three gears enough for my WL750?

The 750 SV engine actually has enough torque to get by with three gears. However, if you personally answer this question with "no", we have 4-speed gearboxes available, complete with housing or as a gear set to swap for the 3-speed internals. For fans of quick gear changes, aka racers, or simply anyone who wants to keep both hands on the handlebars, there are also an automatic foot-operated shifter assemblies for the 3-speed and 4-speed gearboxes.

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