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Duck Tape

Disintegrating saddlebags in Patagonia? A cracked seat bracket near the Darien Gap? Torn trouser seams in wintery Northwest Territories of Canada? The mother of all adhesive tapes will help you out in most situations. ”Original Duck” duct tape is your go-to tool for all your everyday fixes due to its holding power, great stretch and conformability and easy-to-tear design. Since decades users trust its durability and long-term performance, when a workshop is far away and a quick solution is needed.

  • length x width: 9.1 m x 48 mm
  • USA

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PanAm Vintage II Tool Kits

PanAm Vintage II Tool Kits

After forty years in the saddles of Harley-Davidsons, on long hauls, short trips and race tracks, eventually, we have compiled a tool set, which is the must-have combination to perform routine maintenance works and on-the-road emergency repairs. Even on our journey through Patagonia the PanAm Tool Kit was, basically unchanged, part of the equipment we had stashed into the saddlebags. Chain tensioning (primary and secondary), plug changes, oil change, points ignition timing, valve adjusting - for any job, which naturally occurs during long trips, there is exactly the right tool. No compromises. This also counts for quality, because every single component of this kit is a class A tool by renowned manufacturers like Bahco, Walter or Knipex. Admittedly, this ends up a bit more expensive but, on the other hand, this kit is a once-in-a-liftime purchase. A super heavy duty Cordura or canvas roll holds all parts securely and rattle-free in place. In case of loss all single components are available separately.
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