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Gasket Kits
Cometic Gasket Kits for Engines: Evolution Big Twin

Cometic Gasket Kits for Engines: Evolution Big Twin

Advanced engineering and manufacturing processes are used by the American company Cometic to produce the latest in gasket technolgy. For the mechanic Cometic means no more messy gasket sealers or silicone beads for fast, accurate and oil-tight results. Each gasket is manufactured from space-age materials to exacting needs and specifications. These kits contain gaskets of the best possible materials available. More expensive than standard kits for there is no compromise when building these kits. They contain such materials as MLS head gaskets, SLS base gaskets, AFM material, blue viton valve stem seals and race style exhaust gaskets, that won’t fray into the port and the latest upgrades in new gasket technology and fit, such as the one piece Evolution rocker box base gasket made from our single layer viton coated steel. For the builder who demands the best.

  • for Engine
  • paper / rubber / steel
  • USA

Cometic Gaskets


Compounded nitrile synthetic rubber bonded to an aluminium core. AFM is the ideal gasket for machined surfaces like primary, gear case cover, cylinder base, rocker boxes etc.


Multi-Layer-Steel - 2 thin Viton-coated steel layers enclose an inner steel layer. Definitely a high-end head gasket. Spring Steel stainless steel core with Viton rubber-coating on both sides. The top notch MLS gasket technology is used with head gaskets only.


Single-Layer-Steel - one thin Viton-coated steel layer. The perfect cylinder base gasket.

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