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Transmission for Big Twin 4-Speed
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BAKER 4-Speed Footshift Transmissions

BAKER 4-Speed Footshift Transmissions

The love affair with classic motorcycles will never stop and there’s nothing like putting authentic, vintage styled components on your nostalgic bike. That’s why BAKER has taken the time to reinvent the 4-speed transmission. BAKER 4-speeds are intended as stock replacements and work as bolt-in transmission on most models, whether you’re running a stock closed type primary or open belt drive. While looking like the original patterns on the outside, they are packed inside with improvements and extras:

  • Gearset is made out of high grade 8620 steel
  • Gears ride on needle bearings
  • High tensile cast aluminum (A356-T6) transmission case, designed for roller ball bearing main drive gear
  • With 1979-83 Big Twin 5 speed sprocket
  • Ratchet top cover with linear detent system for smooth reliable shifting
  • Billet steel machined and case hardened shift drum rides on two Permaglide bushings
  • With BAKER Klassic kicker gears
  • Vintage style cast kicker cover
  • Includes 1939-75 style throw-out bearing and release rod

Gear ratios:

1st - 2.50:1

2nd - 1.70:1

3rd - 1.25:1

4th - 1:1

The shift drums on FL and Fx style versions are different, while the shift pattern is 1N234 for both. So, on FL style ratchets the shifter lever points downward, while on FX style ratchets the lever points upward.