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HD VIN 1970-1980

With the growing number of Harley models the VIN grew more complex too: Now we have the model type / model denomination in the first group as a combination of one number and one letter. The second group is the serial number, and the last group is made up from a letter and a number. The number is the last digit of the model year. This number is usually preceded by the letter „H“, but not in 1980, when it’s the letter „J“. It’s almost logic :) The three blocks in the VIN are thus:

① = type / model

② = serial number

③ = model year

From 1970 on Harley began numbering the frames. The engine number was punched into a dedicated spot on the steering head. Having „matching numbers“ means the engine / frame combo came straight from the production line. Different numbers mean, someone „customized“ the bike, which can lead to funny (read: nerve-wracking) incompatibilities (read: F@#&!).

The motorcycle is an FX 1200 (Type: 2C), produced in 1976 (Year: H6) with the sequential number 47925.