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Rokker Original Jeans

The undisputed classic by Rokker which thousands of happy owners wear all over the planet. It sports a classic comfort fit (straight cut) with button fly and has no rivets which could scratch your bike. The outer layer is made of finest stonewashed denim (100% cotton), the second inner layer consists of 100% state-of-the-art schoeller-Dynatec, which makes the Rokker Original non abrasive, wind resistant and water repellent)l. Protector pockets further enhance the safety performance. Protectors must be ordered separately.

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Rokker Jeans Function

Jeans for motorcyclists with safety features you cannot tell by merely looking at them. From the outside they have the looks of high quality jeans trousers made from fine stonewashed denim (100% cotton), with a classic comfort fit. However, the intrinsic values in no way are short of anything compared to the outer appearance. The use of schoeller-Dynatec, a highly functional protective fabric makes the Rokker Jeans armoring, abrasive-resistent, water-proof, wind-stopping and breathable. The uncompromising blend of these materials allows to dress comfortable and in style while at the same time being protected during your ride on a motorcycle, in all situations.
Motorcycle jeans »Original ROKKER« by Rokker; Dynatec, blue, stonewashed; men; with wooden box, Rokker T-Shirt, booklet; Europe
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95-860 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 30/34; hip size: 72-78 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-861 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 31/34; hip size: 76-83 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-862 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 32/34; hip size: 82-86 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-863 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 33/34; hip size: 84-90 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-864 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 33/36; hip size: 84-90 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-865 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 34/34; hip size: 88-94 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-866 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 34/36; hip size: 88-94 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-867 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 36/34; hip size: 92-97 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-869 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 38/34; hip size: 95-100 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-870 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 38/36; hip size: 95-100 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-875 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 42/36; hip size: 104-112 cm $322.29 set
in stock
95-873 Rokker Original Jeans trouser-size (US): 44/34; hip size: 110-118 cm $322.29 set
in stock
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