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Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

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Leather jackets

Look like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider? Yes, please! The matching leather jacket is available in the W&W Cycles store, from Vanson Leathers, a Massachusetts-based company that still manufactures by hand. Many famous American, English and Italian racers from the last 4 decades have worn Vanson jackets, pants and overalls. Vanson Leathers also outfits government agencies all over the USA. And what suits the officer of the Boston Police or the California Highway Patrol for riding is just right for us on our Harley-Davidsons.

Advantages of leather jackets

Leather is still the most durable and abrasion-resistant of all natural materials that can be used for Harley-suitable clothing. Something for ever, so to speak. Whatever all the miracle fibers from the chemical kitchen can do, leather - i.e. grown animal skin - beats them in terms of endurance. That's why leather suits are still mandatory at many racing events. Leather is pretty resistant to external influences and with the right care no rain, hail, fog, chippings etc. can do it much harm.

Although Vanson leather jackets are not vegan, every single one is a sustainable product. Because with good care, a leather jacket in a timeless style will not only last three or four years, but decades. Good leather is a classic for life!

Choose the right jacket

To make sure that the desired jacket fits well, all jackets are provided with a sketch and a sizing table. A comparison with your own body measurements or a well-fitting, comfortable jacket will help. If you are between two sizes or are absolutely unsure, order two sizes to choose from. We will of course take back the one that doesn't fit. Contact details can be found below.

Have any questions?

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