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Dehen Sidewinder Blankets

Blanket »Sidewinder« by Dehen

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Life is good on a Dehen blanket.

There are people thrashing their half a century old vintage motorcycles, worth many thousands of euros, through downtown traffic on a Saturday night. It seems, there are some things that just want to be used as often as possible and don’t want to live in a museum.

Future owners of our “GoWest!” woollen blankets may be in for the same urges: this heavy quality Dehen blanket is actually built from two blankets, connected with sturdy edging all round. On the blanket is residing a monumental sidewinder snake (crotalus cerastes) paying homage to W&W’s catalog. It is cut from fine wool felt and carefully embroidered onto the blanket. Thanks to the double-layer construction the technical reverse side of the snake is invisible as it should be. You can’t make a better or more exclusive blanket – that’s why this rare viper is limited to a run of 25.

As we use our motto of “We ride what we sell!” on anything we make, we took a one-off prototype to Sweden for the A-Bombers event. Our respect for the beautifully crafted textile soon turned into affection, when we used it as a comfortable and tough base for our trackside picnics. The woollen fabric feels reassuringly solid and exudes good vibes right away. In short: this blanket is for life.

No wonder, as it is crafted from 24oz Melton wool (named after the small town of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK). We use an extra heavy version of this jersey knit from a worsted yarn (steam treated for toughness). Melton wool is used on classic military and navy garments due to its wind and water repellent properties. Weather resistant, and battle hardened, this seemed like the right choice for a tough and reliable companion to all kinds of outdoor adventures. Using it as intended in the Great Outdoors will give it character over the years.

For this blanket, Dehen, fine makers of woollen sweaters, located in Portland, Oregon, teamed up with their neighbours Pendleton Woollen Mills. Which makes it pretty clear that this is the perfect companion for the road of your life.

  • wool, black / white
  • length x width: 198 x 148 cm
  • gross weight: 2.91 kg
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