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93 cui Generator Style 1965-1969

The Panhead engine, which was originally produced from 1948 until 1965, has been hailed as the coolest looking classic engine of all time and the new P-Series engines from S&S captures that retro styling from the 50’s and 60’s, but with 21st century engineering. These engines were built to run and are loaded with modern technology. The heads are a new design based on the S&S Shovelhead SH-Series engines, topped with roller rockers (1.500 ratio). Also incorporated is the S&S hydraulic valve train, increasing cam choices dramatically and improving oiling throughout the engine. All P-Series engines feature 1958-65 style flywheel assemblies, which use a splined sprocket shaft and a Timken sprocket shaft bearing on the drive side. This increases flywheel stability and handles the significantly increased power development.

P-series engines are available in two versions to fit 1948-’99 style chassis. The first is designed for 1955-‘64 style tin primary applications, but can also be installed in 1948-’54 chassis if a 1955-’64 style inner tin primary cover is used. The second version fits 1965-’69 style chassis using the early alloy primary. Match your performance needs with a choice of displacements: 74” (1200cc) and 93” (1530cc). All versions will fit in your stock frame. Included with every P-series engine are a Super E carburetor and a S&S Super Stock ignition with billet timer housing. Exhaust flanges are designed to accept Shovelhead type pipes.

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S&S Engines

Ask American V-Twin enthusiasts to name one manufacturer of high performance engines, and nine times out of ten they‘ll say S&S! And you gotta‘ wonder about the one guy who didn’t. S&S is the largest manufacturer of engines for the V-Twin high performance aftermarket. S&S engines power more custom V-Twins than anyone else‘s, and they have always been popular as a high performance upgrade in stock motorcycles. What could be simpler? Take your old engine out, and put a new S&S engine in. It’s just that simple, and you have a sleeper hog that will run the wheels off the competition. The reason that S&S engines are so popular can be summed up in two words: „Proven Performance“.

Everybody knows that S&S engines make a lot of power. What you may not be aware of is that because of our innovative designs and premium materials, they last a lot longer than you might think was possible for a high performance engine. Let‘s face it, the stroker engines of the late 1960‘s and early 1970‘s were pretty crude by today’s standards, and they gave high performance motors a bad reputation as far as engine life is concerned. But keep in mind that the high performance industry has come a long way in the last 50 years or so, and S&S has been a leader in the quest not only for more power, but also for greater dependability and improved engine life. So if you could double your horsepower and still get near stock engine life, wouldn’t that be a fair trade off? Judging from the number of large displacement S&S engines on the street, the answer seems to be „Yes!“.

Buying an assembled engine from S&S is the surest way to get S&S quality from start to finish. S&S parts and S&S expert assembly! But how do you know for sure that the engine you have was really assembled by S&S, and how do you know that all the parts in it are S&S? The answer is simple. All complete engines assembled by S&S in Viola, WI, USA come with a certificate of authenticity that lets you and your customer know that they have the real deal. Buyer beware of any engine that does not come with a certificate of authenticity!
Engine »P-Series 93« by S&S; fits Big Twin 1965-1969; generator style; stroke: 4-1/2 ”; nominal bore: 3-5/8 ”; 93 in³; compression: 8.5:1; cam: 585; USA
W&W# Picture net price* Available from warehouse Germany?
69-211 93 cui Generator Style 1965-1969 $8,850.49 each
available only on special order,
please contact our sales department
* United States of America: Tax free shipping. Please check your local import fees.

Spare parts:

  • 56-214

    56-214 Gasket kit by S&S; for P and SH-Series engines; nominal bore: 3-5/8 ”; gross weight: 360 g

  • 12-001

    12-001 Spark plug by Autolite; fits Shovelhead 1975→, Evo Big Twin 1984→; also for: S&S engines and cylinder heads; thread: M14 x 1.25; thread length: 3/4 ”; wrench ...


  • 12-027

    12-027 Spark plug by Champion; fits Shovelhead 1975→, Evo Big Twin 1984→; also for: S&S engines and cylinder heads; thread: M14 x 1.25; thread length: 3/4 ”; wrench ...

  • 12-086

    12-086 Spark plug »OEM«; fits Shovelhead 1975→, Evo Big Twin 1984→; also for: S&S engines and cylinder heads; thread: M14 x 1.25; thread length: 3/4 ”; wrench size: ...

  • Gardner-Westcott Bolt Kits for Engine and Drive Train: Panhead

    Gardner-Westcott Bolt Kits for Engine and Drive Train: Panhead These American-made bolt kits are not to be mixed up with those cheap kits that often include primary and point cover screws only. Our kits are complete and ...

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