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2019 - The ONE Moto Show, Portland

2019 - The ONE Moto Show, Portland

When The One Show went live for the first time in 2009, two items were on the agenda:

first, to celebrate motorcycles that had actually been built. Not could have, would have bikes, just plain and simple built bikes, ready to roll. The “one” bike, that someone, in a garage somewhere out there wanted to see the light of day. No matter if small or big, no matter if it had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or six cylinders, no matter which brand – as long as it was there.

Oh, and secondly, that the show would be twice as awesome the following year.

Judging from this year’s 10-year-anniversary

edition up in Portland, Oregon, SeeSee’s Thor Drake and his crew did it again. The show was again bigger, and actually quite different from the last one, surprising with yet another big batch of bikes built with the kind of enthusiasm The One Show has been known for all along. Oh, and they didn’t give a hoot for whatever hip trends out there are going at the moment.

Harleys were there for sure, but also ironically chopped up minibikes with lawnmower engines, late 70s enduros and scramblerized motor-scooters, rescued from 90s’ taste abysses and propelled into our custom-here-and-now.

There was a new main sponsor,

which fact nobody missed who didn’t spend the weekend under a rock. The Wigwam had dumped four shipping containers in front of the entrance, filled with the best and latest Indian models on offer. At the One Pro flat track races they had the stadium speakers repeat again and again the sponsored sum of money.

Which was put to good use though. In spite of having to pay an entrance fee (first time ever) to the giant old Pickle Factory people of all generations were thronging their way round 200 motorcyles, garnished with art, live bands, booths with/by regional and international artists, builders and brands. Thrown in were highlights such as the electric minibike races, which all ended in good natured chaos and mayhem.

Good vibes were also emanating

from the stand of DicE magazine. The lawnmower custom minibikes, built by some of the best US chopper garages using a lawnmower engine and some leftover parts were putting wide grins on all and sundry. Later they had a race in the yard, and not all made it to the finish line in one piece.

Rounding up this fun weekend, we can note that it was way cool on more levels than one: only a very generous load of heavy woolen clothing by our friends at Dehen kept us alive in the chill air to present our Cannonball wheels, the Cannonball rigid frame electric start system and our catalog without turning blue in the face. Thanks, Dehen people, thanks Thor and friends, for this inspirational ONE-o-versary.