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Fällkniven Northern Light Tor Knife

Fällkniven Northern Light Tor Knife

It feels natural that this knife bears the name of the Aesirs strongest and most powerful god, the ruler of the Aesirs domicile, Asgard, the strong, red-bearded god of thunder - Thor (Swedish: Tor).

This is a chopper of world-class quality, where nothing has been spared to make the knife as strong, beautiful and comfortable as possible. A pleasure to look at and a thrill to use.

The blade is made from laminated steel, where the edge consists of VG10 steel and the sides of tough, all-stainless 420J2 steel. This combination is unquestionably the best, since it brings together all conceivable and desirable properties such as resilience, resistance to torque and edge-durability in a single blade. A 7 mm thick blade in itself would be strong enough for most tasks - with laminate technology one can expect an additional 20% strength in the form of resistance to bending, as compared to an ordinary VG10 blade.

The handle consists of specially selected ox-hide which gives a sure and rugged grip. It ages beautifully and as the years pass it acquires an attractive brown patina, and it is unaffected by oil and solvents and impervious to water. Dryness might cause glimps on the handle but they disappear when the knife is put to use again.

The blade features a convex edge, the ultimate for cutting performance and edge strength that can only be made by the hands of a trained, skilled knifesmith, and that's why 99.99% of all knives don't have that kind of edge.

The sheath is made of black leather of the highest quality.

You are responsible and liable to check your local weapon laws before buying and carrying these knives.

  • satin finish
  • net weight: 520 g
  • blade-thickness: 7 mm
  • length overall: 385 mm
  • plain
  • blade length: 254 mm
  • blade steel quality: VG10 / 420-J2
  • blade hardness: 59 HRC
  • with black leather sheath
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Fällkniven Northern Light Tor Knife
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