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S&S Oil Pump Twin Cam

S&S Oil Pump Twin Cam

As soon as they became available, the S&S gear drive cams were hailed as the solution to high performance valve train problems in Twin Cam 88 engines, so the S&S TC oil pump incorporates a modified version of the S&S gear drive cams, and actually uses the cam drive gears to pump and scavenge oil to and from the engine.

The S&S oil pump provides for the lubrication requirements of big inch high-performance engines, but of course it also works great for stock displacement street engines. It comes as a kit and replaces the stock oil pump, cam support plate, bearing retainer plate, bearings and gear cover. It is compatible with S&S or stock Twin Cam crankcases. The polished billet gear cover is not just decorative but supports the outer ends of the cams. Cams are not included and must be purchased separately based on the application.

Oil Pressure

The stock Twin Cam 88 engine‘s oil pressure sending unit measures pressure before the oil filter, so the actual oil pressure going to the engine can vary tremendously depending on oil filter restriction. However, the S&S oil pump regulates pressure after the oil filter which results in more consistent oil pressure through a wide range of engine temperatures. There is no advantage to increasing the hot running oil pressure. More pressure will only increase the likelihood of oil leaks and will increase the volume of oil that needs to be scavenged from the crankcase. A larger volume of oil in the crankcase robs power due to increased drag on the flywheels, but more importantly it increases the amount of heat generated as the flywheels plow through the extra oil. The lost power is converted to heat. The S&S pump has been shown to reduce oil temperature by approx. 10° C. Less oil in the crankcase also has an added benefit of reducing oil carryover (oil blowing out of your crankcase breather). To further reduce oil carry over, it is recommended that the engine builder install the S&S Breather Valve for Twin Cam A style engines when the S&S oil pump is installed. Engines built with S&S crankcases only require the special wave spring, since a breather valve is included with all S&S crankcases.

  • fits Twin Cam 1999-2006 (exc. Dyna 2006)
  • cast aluminum
  • USA
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S&S Oil Pump Twin Cam
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