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Valve Cover Wrenches for Flathead

Duplicates of the original tools used to loosen and tighten the valve spring/tappet covers and for adjusting the tappets.

  • for Valve spring cover
  • steel, parkerized

The Cyclery Valve Cover Wrenches for Flathead

Similar to the OEM wrenches of the good old times, the Cyclery Valve Cover Wrenches are cut from sheet steel and — compared to wrenches of similar sizes and openings — relatively short. They do not correspond to DIN, ISO or SAE regulations either. But for the intended use of these wrenches higher strength does not make any sense.

Just because the nuts and threads shouldn't be tightened any faster than is possible with these wrenches. Nor the covers, nor the valve clearance nuts. There is no sense in tighteneing these parts superfast. If the valve cover leaks change the gasket, and if the valve clearance changes every now and then the cause is hidden somewhere deeper, but not in the counter nut.

Should the covers be hard to loosen apply heat or use chemical agents like WD-40 or Freeze & Release. These measures will release any material stress and voilà: the covers will loosen.

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