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Wrecking Crew Diaries
1990-1994 Drag Racing
Part 1 - How it all began

Actually it all began with a stock Springer Softail (!) that Wolfgang felt was somehow too slow so a nitrous oxide kit was supposed to make a hawk out of the duck. But the first contest in Hockenheim teached how losers feel and made the serious (Jap bike) racers at the track smile. It couldn´t go on like this and a new slogan was given out: faster, better, lighter, even faster and .... STILL FASTER. Like berserks they searched the W&W used parts inventory and soon a frame, an engine, a transmission and all those other tiny parts were located.

A few weeks and many beers later the first genuine W&W race bike stood on its wheels. The only thing that it had in common with the Softail was the nitrous oxide kit and the coming race season saw it on the European race tracks which were few then.

Meanwhile some other guys had catched the same virus and burned rubber on the German & European 1/8 mile tracks with their highly modified Harleys and this meant real fun: Harleys against Harleys.

As the years passed the engines got bigger and bigger. More power and even more power. The W&W racer, depending on NOS, needed larger and larger jets to compete... The end was clear and soon reached.

Part 2 - Early Days (Pro Stock)