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Oelich und Froehlich, Hemmingen, D

You give me a party, I give you a party! It all started at W&W Gladbeck's HonkyTonk Party a couple of years back. Arguments were flying over the finer customization details of a two-wheeler. Possibly Sporty. Accounts differ. The circle of debating experts grew, and soon it was decided, that important questions like this should be debated with even more people, more time, more bikes and more loud noise. One party could never be enough. So, shortly after the 2nd Helter Skelter Custom-Show Pre-Party (see our report) a committee of experts set out from Würzburg on a Panhead, an E-Glide, a Shovelhead, and a custom Kawa to Hemmingen near Hannover. Where Ölich & Fröhlich (could be translated as "oily and fun loving") number 2 was due to take place. A small event in a bucolic setting, lots of room for your tents and a show area, bar, stage, seating and the very recommendable food stall(s). The details made the experts' hearts sing, especially the many custom bikes. It was hard to see where the parking lot ended and the show area began, which tells you something about the quality of bikes on show.

There were four or five Knuckleheads, a few flatheads,

with some Panheads and Shovelheads thrown in. A few Far Eastern bikes were there, a few Evos mixed easily with the vintage machinery. Some of them equipped with extreme front ends which gave room for much discussion.

Talking about long hours: the longer the party went on, the 250 - 300 riders and riderettes made the countryside rock, the beer was flying over the counter and the house was about to come down when the pogo got really going once the bands opened the throttle all the way. The next morning not every brain in the place was firing on all cylinders, but a hearty breakfast straightened out the condition of even the most ragged conditions enough to make it home safely. One snag: some of the experts had trouble to remember why they had come.

Bad news for the experts' brain cells: The next Ölich & Fröhlich seems unavoidable.