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PanAm Open Face Helmets

With this helmet PanAm is celebrating an epic ride that was the starting point of the PanAm brand: they went back to the days when a bunch of intrepid riders were fighting mud, mosquitoes and torrential rain in the jungles of Panama, trying to ride the Panamericana Highway where it gets lost between alligator swamps and misty mountain ranges: in the Darien gap.

This helmet was going to be like a helmet should be. As compact as possible, at the same time safe and sound. There's people who know how to do it, and they found them. They went for the original beer-yellow, adorning the rigid Harleys way back when, and the PanAm packaging today. As an additional reminder to the origins of the PanAm brand, the stylized Panamericana Highway winds its way around the proud owner's head. A pump jack icon signifies the importance of good lubrication for those big twins carrying us over this world's highways.

You’re buying a helmet that is equally at home on the Panamericana Highway, on an Alaskan ice road or way down Tierra del Fuego on the dusty ruta 40. It wouldn't look out of place in the rue de Trèves in Brussels too, even if doesn't have an ECE homologation …

  • fiber glass, yellow