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Hawaii Bora Bora

Harley riders so far haven’t been known to embrace lively colors other than black with their personal apparel. This may be about to change with our new collection of Hawaii shirts – or, as the experts have it, Aloha shirts, meaning something like "Hello shirt".

Don’t worry about your street cred, you’re in good company with the likes of Elvis, U.S. president Harry S. Truman, Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster and last but certainly not least Magnum P.I., the mustachioed Ferrari-molester among many others. Guys like these gave the textile wall covering world wide recognition as a macho piece of apparel.

The beginnings of the Hawaii shirt are lost in the oily mists of history, but it is considered as fact that on the pacific island of Hawaii cultural influences from Polynesia, Japan and Samoa fused with the native lifestyle. And Bob was your uncle. Meaning, the vividly colored printed shirt, short sleeved and worn outside the pants, was born.

Anyway, in 1935 „The Honolulu Advertiser“ carried an advertisement peddling "Aloha Shirts, well tailored, beautiful designs and radiant colors" for only 95 cents and up.

For obvious reasons we can’t match prices like this. But our shirts are still well tailored, and they are available in many sizes, made from 100% cotton and fitted with coconut shell buttons - and they’re crafted in the U.S. of A."

By the way: surfboards and/or sunshine are not included in the offering.

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Shirt »Hawaii Bora Bora« by High Seas Trading Co.; cotton, brown; USA
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93-365 Hawaii Bora Bora S $64.67 each
in stock
93-366 Hawaii Bora Bora M $64.67 each
in stock
93-367 Hawaii Bora Bora L $64.67 each
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93-368 Hawaii Bora Bora XL $64.67 each
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