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Red Wing 875 Classic Moc Boots

A true classic in Red Wing’s selection of work boots, designed and built to withstand the rigors of road and work. The 875 Classic Moc features the typical lightweight crepe sole with minimal tread, made to reduce the mud that would cling to a farmer’s boots but still provide the underfoot comfort the work day required. Red Wing branded this crepe sole as the Traction Tred sole. The 875 also features a moc toe design, a name that came from the word moccasin, the Algonquian Indian word for shoe. This combination of the u-shaped moc toe leather upper and the white crepe sole would become the iconic boot style for the Red Wing brand. It is one of the oldest Red Wing styles and a best-seller. Made of full veg-tanned, premium Red Wing Oro Legacy leather combined with Goodyear, triple stitched welt construction and sweat resistant leather insole.

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