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2019 - Punta Bagna, F

2019 - Punta Bagna, F

June is the time for the highest high, the loftiest ride: Punta Bagna. As if this wasn’t enough for a righteous party, the summit of all the custom destinations was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The Magic Bus was there to help the party along, and the cherry on the birthday cake was the brand new S&S motor fresh from our warehouse.

After a 14 hour cruise the yellow Furthermobile scraped around the last hairpin bend and dropped anchor on its by now traditional moorings in Valloire. While others still were setting up their tents, we already surfed on the good vibes of sunshine and the waves of bikes rumbling up the switchbacks. Come evening, the bands tried their best to blow the birthday candles into the next valley.

The Friday saw the action climb new heights, a never ending stream of bikes shook, rattled and roared up from the deep valley below, up at the party zone there was an equally never ending „salut!“, „hello!“, „¡hola!“, „ciao!“ and „bottoms up!“, „Prost!“, „salud!“ and „santé!“.

Time had stopped, the sun beat down, the bands were going all out and the party was boiling higher than the horizon of the surrounding peaks.

On Saturday there was some

serious action for the bike show contestants. If you want to pick that cherry (the S&S engine) from the cake here at the Punta Bagna, you and your bike must go up the mighty Galibier pass under your own steam, and come down again in one piece. No matter if you brought a quixotic vintage-hot rod-rat-chopper-bobber-racer hybrid, a high tech tracker or a wide tired long forked whatchamacallit.

After the show stars did their stuff, it was time for the Girls Run: 27 riderettes got their motors running and aimed for the sun. After their summit ride they gathered round the Magic Bus and kicked off this night’s party with an apero, followed with another couple of aperos, with another set of bands for dessert.

Sunday it was prize giving time.

Now we’d know who had climbed the pinnacle of custom wrenching and made King of the Mountain at the 10th Punta Bagna:

5th place: The Boccin Boys with their sweet Malachica

4th place: Papy of South Riders with his black and gold machine

3rd place: Mauro Boman of Kustom Bike Italy

Drum roll:

2nd place: Jordi of Jordi Kick, member of Zombie Choppers, with a beautiful Shovel

Intermission with the Mayor’s greetings and trumpets, cymbals, and the sweet sound of champagne bottles being uncorked:

1st place and King of the Mountain is Bubu of Underground Garage. He left all the others in the mountain dust with his detail-obsessed wrenchings. Let’s see what heights he’ll climb with his new S&S Shovel.

Now that the birthday candles had burnt down, the spark plugs got busy again. Let’s all go home. Big thanks to everybody who made this big mountain party happen: Manu and his fab team, Fred Zebuth and Romu for the great bike show.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the highest party in 2020.