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Grace USA Brass/Delrin Soft Hammer

Grace USA Brass/Delrin Soft Hammer

For tapping alignment studs or piston pins home your good ole steel half pounder simply isn’t the right tool. A Grace USA 8 oz. brass hammer with Delrin Tip is what you need here. It features a brass head which is hand turned from CDA 360 brass rod and hand polished. On one end it has a high quality Delrin Tip that is securely locked into place. This Delrin tip offers the quick availablilty of a softer end when the need arises. A properly seasoned hickory handle is pressed into the head and securely pinned. This hammer is a work of art yet designed to serve the professional or hobbyist mechanic, ready for years of hard use.

  • brass / Delrin, polished
  • length: 270 mm
  • Ø 1”
  • USA
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Grace USA Brass/Delrin Soft Hammer
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