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Thor Soft Hammers

When loosening or tighteneing larger sized nuts and bolts a few hammer strikes often do the trick. Putting a cover into place also becomes alot easier when you can assist with a few soft blows. But please, do not use your trusted steel sledge for these jobs and spare the nice and smooth surfaces of your expensive spanners and covers. The copper and rawhide faced Thor hammers provide a safer alternative to striking with conventional steel hammers. The resilient soft striking faces shape themselves to the part being struck. Acting as shock absorbers, they spread the force of the blow uniformly, minimising inefficient rebound and damage to components. Soft-faced hammers also reduce noise pollution in the workplace. The faces are designed to wear and can be replaced. Handles are made from ash wood. Available in various "weight categories", with the 2380 g version being a perfect helper when truing flywheels, too.

  • copper / cowhide
  • Great Britain

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