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MAG-12 Rear Wheels 1973-07 Type

MAG Finish

If you’re serious about wrenching your Harley, you’ll always be looking for that special part that makes all the difference. Introducing the legendary Mag Wheel.

When in the 60s car drag racing started to move from being a pastime of a few aficionados to serious motor sport, equipment got ever more important. Among other things lightweight and truly round wheels capable of taking hard loads got popular. And there it was, the magical wheel, the dragster front wheel, cast from magnesium alloy. It was called mag wheel. Not long, and the first chopper jocks tried to bolt these wheels to their rides. A favorite ever since: the 12 spoke variety.

The mag wheels of yore with their respective sizes of 15” and 18” are extremely rare by now and about as easy to find as an Ironhead Sportster that starts on the first kick. Even if one of those beauties can be unearthed, it should be clear that time has never stopped nibbling away at the metal — and the task of making them compatible with Harley brakes and axles is another story.

That’s why W&W had the Cannonball MAG-12 wheels cast using the latest technology and state-of-the-art aluminum alloys which guarantee long-term trouble-free service. The hub design was changed, too, in that it accepts special adapters which allow for the installation of common H-D drum and disc brake systems.

The Cannonball MAG-12 takes its styling cues from the originals, but is certified to take loads of 350 kg per wheel, and engineered to be compatible with a variety of Harley brake and sprocket setups. The available sizes of 16” and 19” give a wide scope of application for that next custom project.

Choose from wheels with a barrel polished or MAG finish. For the latter the barrel polished wheels are finely bead-blasted to achieve a dull magnesium-like appearance.

When installing wheels and hubs it is important to check the position in the fork or frame/swingarm and to align brake rotors, calipers, sprocket/pulley accordingly. For this purpose we offer a range of bushings and spacers.

Models thru 1999 (centering collar Ø 50 mm) require disc rotors, sprockets/pulleys to be exchanged or modified to Ø 56 mm centering inner-Ø (as used 2000-up). Pre-modified chain sprockets are available.

Not homologated for FLT-/Touring models.

Design Patent Protection 002171819-0001/0003

  • cast aluminum, MAG finish
  • adapted rear hub 1973-07 type
  • Ø centering collar: 56 mm
  • dual flange 3/8”-16 and 7/16"-14 threads
  • matching axle Ø: 3/4 ”
  • metal valve in center
  • with parts certificate, JWL (JASO) approved
  • Germany

MAG-12 Wheels with Disc Brake Hub 1973→

Each wheel comes with pre-installled wheel bearings, spacer and adapter for the disc rotor.

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MAG Finish
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MAG Finish
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