Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Cannonball Leaf Spring Forks

    Cannonball Leaf Spring Forks

    The retro custom bike builder scene sometimes likes to experiment with parts of different brands on the same bike project. For example Indian parts are installed on Harleys and ... more

  • Mooneyes Cole Foster Headlight

    Mooneyes Cole Foster Headlight

    Cole Foster of Salinas Boyz Custom designed this headlight for Mooneyes. It is made from the same high quality aluminum as the Moon oil tanks. The cone body has a smooth shape ... more

  • PanAm Oil Slide

    PanAm Oil Slide

    Oil change without a mess! This rubberized aluminum alloy sheet allows you to form an individual funnel or trough to direct your waste oil from the hard-to-reach oil tank drain ... more

  • Le Pera Daytona Sport Solo Seats

    Le Pera Daytona Sport Solo Seats

    Solo seat which sports that perfect Cafe racer styling for all day, long-distance ccruising. It offers a well pronounced back support which is great to have when turning it on. ... more

  • Handy S.A.M. 1200 Air Lift

    Handy S.A.M. 1200 Air Lift

    The S.A.M. 1200 air lift is ready to do more! It provides a work surface of 213 x 61 cm and lifts all motorcycles, incl. heaviest Full Dressers (up to 544 kg), from a minimum ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Baseball Shirts

    Wrecking Crew Baseball Shirts

    Timeless, cool, and comfortable design with raglan sleeves, made from light cotton. more

  • Jagg Oil Filter Adapters with Thermostate

    Jagg Oil Filter Adapters with Thermostate

    This oil filter adapter features an integrated thermostate, which is always recommended when installing an oil cooler. A clean and easy way to integrate this function. more

  • DicE Magazines

    DicE Magazines

    If you have gearhead tendencies and want to see motorcycles being put together in the basements, garages, and woodsheds around the world ... the bikes fondled by the wild-eyed and ... more

  • Le Pera Sanora Sport Solo Seats

    Le Pera Sanora Sport Solo Seats

    A nostalgic solo seat with classic details and a tapered low-profile style. Crafted of 13" wide, perfectly contoured marathon foam, so it provides a lot of of rider comfort. more

  • PanAm Pan-a-Grease

    PanAm Pan-a-Grease

    This little grease tube should be part of any tool roll to soothe squeaky joints and bearings, to ease stubborn pivots, lubrify sluggish cables, etc. With its special ... more

  • The Cyclery Riveting Tool Sets for Brake and Clutch Linings

    The Cyclery Riveting Tool Sets for Brake and Clutch Linings

    A hammer and a punch are simply not enough to fix a new lining with nicely formed rivets. The shanks will bend and crack which is unsafe and plain ugly. This tool set will do the ... more

  • Kellermann i.Load-IL1 Correction Modules

    Kellermann i.Load-IL1 Correction Modules

    If LED indicators are mounted on Harleys with HD-Lan (CAN-Bus), the flashing frequency must be adjusted afterwards:
    by adapting the software of the BCM, by ... more

  • Stetson Hatteras Cord Caps

    Stetson Hatteras Cord Caps

    This classic Corduroy flat cap has that easygoing style you were always looking for. Its elastic band perfectly adapts to your head for top notch wear comfort. High quality, ... more

  • CHP Oil Feed Pumps for Flatheads

    CHP Oil Feed Pumps for Flatheads

    It’s a fact: when pushed, those trusty Flatheads get hot, in fact very hot, which is also a result of low oil pump volume and pressure. The CHP pump is a once and for all cure for ... more

  • CHP Scavenger Pump Conversion Kit for Flatheads

    CHP Scavenger Pump Conversion Kit for Flatheads

    With the CHP pump installed oil feed volume is substantialy increased and the stock scavenger system might reach its limit. This conversion kit for the scavenger pump raises ... more

  • The Ride - 2nd Gear

    The Ride - 2nd Gear

    Motorcycles as motorcycles are meant to be: radical, stylish, subversive, raw. The Ride 2nd Gear continues to present the latest custom bikes and the best builders on the planet. ... more

  • Mechanix Fastfit Touchscreen Gloves

    Mechanix Fastfit Touchscreen Gloves

    A new design with the entire palm made of a touchscreen capable fabric which is inherent to the fabric and will not wear off or wash out over time. Improved dexterity with new ... more

  • 1936 Knucklehead Air Horns

    1936 Knucklehead Air Horns

    Nice reproduction of the one-year-only air horn for 1936 Knuckleheads. Luckily it fits all Knucklehead and Panhead models with M-series Linkert carburetors. more

  • PanAm Aloha Shine Motorcycle Cleaner

    PanAm Aloha Shine Motorcycle Cleaner

    Heavy Duty motorcycle cleaner, particularly formulated for motorcycles. It provides superior cleaning without resorting to harsh chemicals or solvents which can leave a ... more

  • SpeedFire Baseball Shirts

    SpeedFire Baseball Shirts

    Be fast, be hot with one of these SpeedFire baseball shirts. Distinctive style with contrast colour sleeves and collar. more

  • PanAm Tool Kits

    PanAm Tool Kits

    After thirty years in the saddles of Harley-Davidsons, on long hauls, short trips and race tracks, eventually, we have compiled a tool set, which is the must-have combination to ... more

  • The Cyclery Cam Shaft for IOE Models

    The Cyclery Cam Shaft for IOE Models

    Accurate, high quality reproduction of the four-lobe cam gear as used by the factory on IOE-Twins. more

  • DBBP Wave Bars

    DBBP Wave Bars

    A distinctive design and meticulous craftsmanship make these handlebars by the Dutch creative director Mark van der Kwaak stand out. With the cast center piece they mount very low ... more

  • Tajima Magazine Cutter

    Tajima Magazine Cutter

    Certainly a must for the workshop, but highly useful for the on-board tool roll as well, in case you have to cut a new gasket, shorten luggage straps or chop a T-bone steak. ... more

  • PanAm Oil SAE 60

    PanAm Oil SAE 60

    Seems it never rains in Mexico … PanAm60 - the official oil of the El Diablo Run on Baja California, where temperatures above 30 degrees are standard and requirements for the ... more