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SchraubenDoktor Screw Aid

We all have experienced the problem of slipping tools on rounded screws or bolt heads. This paste with extremely hard crystals in the base material increases the friction between tool and screw by as much as 500% and effectively helps to loosen that stubborn fastener with full torque. It is easily applied - one drop is enough - and works instantly on all types of screws, such as slotted, Phillips, Allen, Torx or hex heads.

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Screw aid by SchraubenDoktor, net weight: 20 g, Germany
W&W# Picture Price incl. VAT* Available from warehouse Germany?
87-001 SchraubenDoktor Screw Aid
14.20 €
100 g=71.00 €
in stock
* The price includes German VAT (19% or reduced rate of 7% for Books).

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