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Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack

When Camille Poirier opened a leather store in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1870, the success story of the company was not yet foreseen but the company, now existing for more than 125 years, is no coincidence. On one hand, success recipes were not only the excellent quality and processing of the products, but on the other hand also the timely reaction to prevailing needs. Both were factors by which Duluth Pack consolidated its position. Be it the production of autopack bags for the first automobile around the year 1918, the offer of repair work during the economic crisis around 1929 when production almost came to a halt, the providing of robust outdoor bags, as leisuretime in the 40‘s for Americans became more important, or the offer of luggage bags in the 1960‘s as flight tourism grew. Duluth Pack was usually the first to fill the niche. It is clear to see, that Duluth Pack is one of these brands, that has made a name for a long period of time which one can trust, if you value tradition and quality work.

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