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Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas

A good bandanna is a great thing to have on a motorcycle. During the ride it will prevent wind, wet and cold from entering your jacket collar or large bugs from hitting your face. Off the bike it will protect your top end from sunburn or rain drops or you can wear it as a headband. Of course you can also use it to blow your nose, wipe your windshield, replace your front fender etc. Actually, as a biker, you can’t live without it.

Our selection of Carolina Mfg. bandanas offers a wide variety of designs so you will certainly find that perfect match for your favourite shirt. The fabric’s basic colour and pattern are dyed through so Carolina Mfg. bandannas have the same appearance on both sides.

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Bandana »Paisley« by Carolina Manufacturing; cotton; length x width: 55 x 55 cm; USA
W&W# Picture net price* Available from warehouse Germany?
91-970 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas beige $5.29 each
in stock
91-971 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas black $5.29 each
momentarily not in stock
91-973 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas red $5.29 each
in stock
91-974 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas orange $5.29 each
in stock
91-975 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas gold $5.29 each
in stock
91-976 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas navy $5.29 each
in stock
91-978 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas burgundy $5.29 each
in stock
91-977 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas hunter green $5.29 each
in stock
91-979 Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandanas mirage blue $5.29 each
in stock
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