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Helter Skelter, Giebelstadt, D

Helter Skelter, Giebelstadt, D

4 years ago, some folks had enough of overcandid ‚curated‘ bike shows with gallery-like attitude: Ain’t it the pre-show-parties that bring the real fun? So let’s party and skip the show: c’mon, hop on your scooter, let’s meet, listen to fast and loud music, have a cold one – and we still can stare at each others bikes if we need to.

This spirit has remained over the years, the parties grew bigger and this year’s Helter Skelter III called to time wasting action on the former US Airbase Giebelstadt – but only at the tank workshops 1-3 (whatever tanks are for on an airbase, hardly for flying...)

To keep it cosy, the Magic Bus was surrounded by some construction fences, there was a stage for the bands, PA ready for volume 11, plenty of fridges (take an educated guess: a.) to store oat milk for the cold brewed breakfast frapuccino or b.) for beer), a small pool to cool down from overheated style discussions and a fully grown gazebo for UV-protected chats.

Saturday at noon,

the first wheels on the ground had made their way from Regensburg, plenty more rolled in from Munich, Landshut, Hanover, Bochum, Texas, etc. - from whereever you heard it was time to helter and skelter.

With all friends arrived it was a decent cavalry of finest peace and freedom machines parked in front of the tank workshops, mostly Panheads and Shovels, customized with style and craft, later added by the "Mofa to Fakie" club, a bunch of skaterguys on a run with their 50 ccm machines from hell.

Capacity big or small, there was a lot to judge and discuss about style, ideas, parts, oil, gas, rides, wrecks,... until it was time to switch on the amps:

Dryad, a 3 man band from Würzburg, opened the stage and gave the afternoon’s crankshaft a hell of a spin with their unique stoner rock. The french band „Mars Red Sky“ took it from there and made the crowd go wild on their psychedelic stoner rock, visually fueled by beamed vintage moto-race videos.

Inspired by the footage, the sound

and maybe by easily available liquids, there were spontaneous drag races and burnouts in front of the "panzer"-garages, adding up to a well tempered relaxed feel-good package, even for the bands who selected the Further Bus among the top 3 backstage areas. Worldwide. Ever.

So Helter Skelter III speeded up beyond control into the night and into the question if there will be a Helter Skelter IV... and if so could it top this here saturday afternoon...