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LeBeeF Skid Plate Baja

The other day, in Sweden: “How in frozen Starköl can I protect my Sportster, when love sick Moose keep populating the roads, forcing riders to take offroad detours around them?“

Swedes who entertain such thoughts just take a piece of sheet metal and mold it into a „helmet for the nether parts“, using laser cutters and old fashioned hydraulic presses.

That’s roughly how this exclusive accessory for Sportsters came into being. In cooperation with LeBeef Metalworks, Vargön, Sweden we’re proud to offer the LeBeef Skid Plate Baja for Sportsters.

It’s easy to install even by left handed wrenchers and the 3D design multiplies the strength of the 1mm sheet steel. Making your Sportster not only look as if you could take the gravel road to work if you wanted, you might actually do it.

If you’re into weight reduction, this skid plate is also available in lightweight aluminium construction, by the name of Bates Skid Plate Baja.