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Jericho Trumpets Mufflers

Well, yes, at first glance the Jericho Trumpets look like mufflers, but if you install them `as delivered´ they don’t muffle anything, so make sure you are on a race track or in the middle of Patagonia when revving your engine.

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These parts are not sufficiently homologated for the use within the perview of German road traffic laws. Therefore, use within Germany is only possible on the race-track, for show and exhibition purposes or for restoration of veteran vehicles. Which parts are legal for veteran-restoration, depends on the respective assembly group and the vehicle's age and must be seen about with the autorities in charge.

Outside of Germany, the homologation and a possible use in road traffic must be seen about with the local authorities in charge.
Mufflers »Jericho Trumpets«, steel, chrome-plated, header Ø: 1-3/4”, muffler length: 38 cm, muffler Ø: 95 mm, with universal mounting bracket and 1-1/2” reducer bushing
W&W# Picture Price incl. VAT* Available from warehouse Germany?
72-195 Jericho Trumpets Mufflers 62.80 € each
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* The price includes German VAT (19% or reduced rate of 7% for Books).

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