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Dehen Naval Crew Sweater

An exclusive for W&W is this special version of Dehen’s Naval Crew sweater with iconic striped design. Since the 1950s this style is popular amongst bikers as you can see in the classic movie "The Wild One". The 100% worsted wool material on these sweaters is a so-called 3-end knit, where three ends of wool yarn go into knitting the fabric. This is heavy weight but still appropriate for a collared sweater that is pulled over the head. Further features are a 4” wide waistband and cuffs, 1” rib knit collar and interior elbow patches.

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Please Dry Clean Only

Please Dry Clean Only

Wool is one of nature's artworks, and clothes made of wool have many advantages against ever-present synthetic fibres.

Wool is quite robust and

  • does hardly take up dirt
  • does not take on odours
  • is a non-crease material
  • is breathable: the fabric takes up vapor, but the fiber-surface is water-repellent
  • has thermo-regulating properties.

The proud owner should just keep a few things in mind, in order for the fine piece of clothing to keep in shape:

  • wet wool should dry slowly, never over a heater nor even in hot sunlight
  • do not knead or wring wet wool
  • dry-clean only!
Sweater »Naval Crew« by Dehen; wool knit, dark blue / old gold; USA
W&W# Picture net price* Available from warehouse Germany?
88-137 Dehen Naval Crew Sweater S $262.26 each
in stock
88-138 Dehen Naval Crew Sweater M $262.26 each
in stock
88-139 Dehen Naval Crew Sweater L $262.26 each
in stock
88-140 Dehen Naval Crew Sweater XL $262.26 each
in stock
88-141 Dehen Naval Crew Sweater XXL $262.26 each
in stock
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