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Woolpower Balaclavas

400 g/qm

These Balaclavas are the perfect choice to wear under full face helmets for their warmth and breathing ability. They do not perform well as wind breakers or water protection so we do no recommend them for open face helmets

  • merino wool, black
  • wool-grammage: 400 g/qm
  • Sweden

Ullfrotté Fabric

Ullfrotté is the material developed by Woolpower in Östersund in the early 1970’s in collaboration with the Swedish military, scientists, doctors and survival experts. The textile is highly wear resistant and consists of fine Merino wool, polyamide/polyester and air. Products manufactured using Ullfrotté Original are sold today under the brand name Woolpower.

How it works

Thermal clothes worn next to the skin have two main tasks: insulation and maintaining the thermal balance, i.e. protecting against cold and transporting away moisture.


A wool terry fabric contains up to 80% air that is trapped by the curly fibres. The air forms an insulating layer above the skin and prevents the heat being lost. The air that is also trapped in all the loops of the terry gives a double thermal effect. Woolpower has the highest insulation values, protecting against both heat and cold.


Garments in Woolpower are not only warm but also transport moisture away from the skin, allowing vapour to pass through the wool fibres without them losing their warming function. The ability to transport moisture makes it easier to lose heat during physical activity and keeps the body dry and in thermal balance. Woolpower’s design also allows excess heat to be ventilated out through an adjustable opening in the neck.


Tests show that the ability of wool fibres to absorb and neutralise bad odours is far superior to other textiles. Wool’s chemical composition means it can neutralise substances from the body that cause bad odours. This is a big advantage when the clothes are being worn with limited opportunities for washing.

“How to use” or “Layer on layer”

Start with the layer next to the skin. Choose base-layer garments in Woolpower 200 g/m². In intense cold supplement them with mid-layer garments in 400 g/m² (Socks up to 400 g/m²). The shell garment is worn on the outside and should protect against wet and wind without being so non-porous that condensation forms on the inside.

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