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TROG, Riverside, Ca., USA

TROG, Riverside, Ca., USA

When in 1905 a bunch of petrolheads were screaming down a New Jersey beach on their 2 and 4 wheeled racing machines from hell, little did they know what they started. Over a century later, in 2012, a group of friends recreated the event in the form of The Race Of Gentlemen, in short T.R.O.G. The idea caught on quickly, and eventually came to California.

So we made it to the Flabob airport

in Riverside, Ca., not far from Los Angeles, to witness some serious TROGing on two and four wheels. Nothing is left to chance at T.R.O.G. events. There are seemingly endless regulations, pertaining to the correct use of about everything, from forks, brakes, tank emblems, tyres, gear shifting equipment – everything to be as period correct, stripped down for racing and built pre 1957 as is humanely possible. And as far away from being street legal as is conceivable. This being mainly a car event, Milwaukee hardware was in less than abundant supply, but was augmented by a few plucky Indian motocycles. 

The vibes were relaxed, the venue was teeming

with spectators enjoying the vehicles, especially the classic planes on display in their natural habitat. Among flying machines and palm trees the vintage racers queued for the sprint races. Hell bent for leather they hot rodded down the course, beautiful flatheads among the Harleys, wicked Hotrods galore, and here and there among the crowd faces last seen at the Texas Born Free. Times was racing alongside the cars and bikes, and before you knew it the sun set in a palm tree fringed California sky on an afternoon to remember.