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The Prowl, AZ, USA

The Prowl, AZ, USA

We’re off to Arizona, so close to Mexico you can almost smell it. The copper mining history of this here town is oozing from every crack in the quaint old-timey buildings they sort of forgot to bulldoze to dust, down here, in Bisbee, Arizona.

But it’s not stagecoaches and cowboys crowding out the winding streets between the copper-filled hills. Instead, it’s chopper dudes and dudettes checking out "The Prowl", the almost-undiscovered hang-out-with-old-Harleys festival, with live music and the sound of low revving Big Twins reverberating in the narrow streets.

From all points of the compass they come a-rolling in,

dropping their kick stands and parking their Knuckleheads, Pans and Shovels, their choppers, barnfind bobbers and their museum quality sleds right in the middle of the cordoned off street. Let the party begin! There’s music on every street corner, there’s a mellow vibe and good neighbours too! 

The pre-party in Naco, a nearby small town straddling the US / Mexican border made it possible to stroll over to Mexico, for alternative flavours in beer and some relative peace and quiet. Just don’t forget to be back for the raffling off of that brand new 8 inch over springer fork sponsored by W&W, alongside a few sets of retro Bates tyres. A fitting climax of a detour into fun, beer and music and two thumbs up for the dudes who set it all up. Bisbee, see you next year!