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The Matchlight Show, Eindhoven, NL

The Matchlight Show, Eindhoven, NL

Strijp-S is one of the booming neighbourhoods of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It used to be part of a huge Philips industrial estate where they made matchsticks and later light bulbs, hence the show’s name: Matchlight!

The matchsticks and light bulbs are long gone. In came the fancy high-rises, the condos, the creatives, the artists, the stores, the skaters, the BMXers, the boulderers … and, for one day only, the two-wheelers. Painstakingly curated bikes had been fork-lifted and parked on the bel étage of an impressive former production building where restaurant tables usually stand.

The W&W Baja Twins had the honour

of being part of this show with a strong Harley-Davidson bias. Our two MexiCalifornian-inspired Shovelheads were parked among great custom bikes, chunky old electrical switchboards, stylish fashion booths, engraving artists, photographers, and tattoo artists. The walls were filled with chopper life photography and illustrations that would adorn any T-shirt - and if you had the time and the peace and quiet, you could discover our steel whisperer and Baja Twin builder Mattias "Le Beef" Andersson between all the colourful hustle and bustle and the many relaxed visitors, and ask him about all the details of the Baja Twins.

As is so often when the wrenching

community gets together, the parking lot was also worth a good, long walk. The open-air parking is huge, and many far out machines had been ridden in. From the all out racing bike to the gorgeous (swoon) Knucklehead everything was to be seen - including old acquaintances, ready to have a friendly chat and a beer or two.

No wonder the day went by like a ride in the fast lane, until we had to say "Doei, tot volgend jaar!" and the Baja Twins set off on the trip home from the Strijp.